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Consultant Trainings

Due to the increasing numbers of graduates from our transformational leadership trainings, there is a growing demand for organizational consultants steeped in a systemic transformational approach. The Art of Transformational Consulting meets that need.

The week-long intensive master class is a unique professional development opportunity for consultants serving the progressive movement. It provides participants a solid grounding and experience in the theory and practice of transformational consulting, and is a chance to meet and learn from peers, workshop real case studies, and receive invaluable feedback on your work.

More than 200 consultants have taken this course since spring 2013, many of whom report that they have since been more powerful and courageous in their engagements with clients. We also create ongoing opportunities for connection, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning among the ATC alumni network.

"This was by far the most substantive and thought-provoking week of professional development since opening my firm 14 years ago."

 Michael Bell, President, InPartnership Consulting

"This extraordinary training was the best I ever attended—inspiring and stretching me in ways I never could have imagined."

 Elsa A Rios, Principal, Strategies for Social Changes

Art of Transformational Consulting

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