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Couples Retreats

Renew and rekindle the loving connection between you and your partner in one of our transformational retreats.

Held in beautiful settings in Mexico and British Columbia, we offer committed couples practices for evolving greater intimacy, friendship and partnership, and for deepening in love.  


This work draws on our experience as guides and healers for thousands of couples, as well as the 50-year living laboratory of our own marriage and family. 

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"The most profound couples workshop I have ever taken. It totally rejuvenated my relationship with my wife. Your wisdom, love and devotion to our growth are truly amazing." 

—Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul 

"I cannot put into words what your compassion, wisdom, experience and kindness has meant to us and how incredibly hopeful we are for our future together.  We–and our children–will be forever grateful."  

—MS & RS, Cleveland, OH

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