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Coaching & Consulting

Robert has helped to pioneer a transformative approach to both leadership coaching and organizational change. Based on his Wheel of Change model, this approach creates powerful results by attending in an integrated way to Hearts & Minds, Behavior and the Systems & Structures of our lives. While Robert is accepting limited numbers of new clients at this time, we are able to make excellent referrals to our network of coaches and consultants working aligned with this transformational approach.

Wheel Of Change

Hearts and Minds

All that goes on inside human beings, our motivations, beliefs, feelings, perceptions, etc.


What people actually do, our words and actions.


Our external environment, the social reality and structures in which we operate.


One of Robert’s go-to referrals for coaching is his wife and teaching partner,

Judith Ansara, MSW.

Skilled in a variety of coaching approaches, Judith is especially gifted in areas including: clarifying vision; personnel and performance management; relationship skills; embodying personal power; navigating life transitions; developing emotional resilience; creating a balanced, effective and fulfilling work and personal life.   

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