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A must-read for anyone working for a more just and sustainable world, this paper examines the endemic challenges in progressive movements while outlining compelling and inspiring solutions to change the way change is made.


This user’s guide explains how organizational change happens, offering a blueprint for a transformative, systems-based approach to strengthening progressive organizations. The guide includes thoughtful case studies of successful organizational change efforts and provides step-by-step guidance for leaders and consultants.

Tools for Transformation

A free online collection of 100+ practical tools for leadership development and creating more powerful teams and organizations.


The tools are arranged by the following 12 categories. We’ve included 1 sample tool in each category. For the full collection of tools, visit our partner organization, Art of Transformational Consulting.

Diagnose strengths and needs for improvement in teams, boards, and organizations.


Provide masterful, transformative facilitation for working groups and teams.

Facilitate transformational coaching: tools for leaders, managers, consultants, and coaches.

Sample Tool: 

The Art of Questioning

Promote the honest and robust exchange of feedback in teams and organizations.

Sample Tool: 

Team Feedback Toolkit

Assess and facilitate issues of oppression, exclusion, and inequality.

Develop more powerful, enlightened, and effective leadership.

Guide and manage the process of organizational change.

Manage and enhance the working relationship between consultants and organizational leaders.

Create balance, pacing, and efficiency to support a lifetime of sustained service.

Sample Tool: 

Boundaries for Work

Help work teams create greater accountability and results.

Develop the meta-skills that help people operate in their zone of excellence.

Create and align organizations around clear missions, visions for the future, and values.

Sample Tool:

Visioning Toolkit

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