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Leadership Trainings

Learn to empower and engage others in effective action to broaden the impact of your work together. Come participate in an intensive process of discovering how who you are impacts the results you create.

This internationally acclaimed program includes training in:

Visionary leadership


Personal mastery (managing your own state of being)


Courageous conversations


Building effective partnerships and high-performing teams


Creating more results with less effort.


Personal ecology (self-care)

Thousands of nonprofit and for-profit leaders have benefited from this unique integration of profound and practical leadership training blending deep inner transformation with immediate, useful application to everyday work priorities.

An extensive manual of materials and tools support your ongoing leadership development. Prior to the program, you will participate in an online, 360-degree feedback assessment of your leadership.

“Robert Gass is the best leadership trainer and coach I've met. Honestly, if you're lucky enough to have the chance to work with him, take it."
Ricken Patel  ED AVAAZ,  world’s largest online activist community

"Robert Gass has an extraordinary ability to help groups and individuals transform their leadership. I wish every leader could receive what I have gained from this work."

Eli Pariser, Co-founder,; Founder, Unworthy

Upcoming Events


August 20-25, 2023

Hollyhock Retreat Center, BC, Canada


With Michael Bell & Suzanne Hawkes

Art of Transformational Leadership

Covering a similar curriculum to the Art of Leadership, the Art of Transformational Leadership emphasizes building connections among global leaders. Recent trainings have been held in London, Washington DC and Bangkok.

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While there are limited opportunities to train directly with Robert, the trainings he created are widely available through the organization he co-founded.

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